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Sabrina B
Virtual make up class Today I did a virtual makeup class. My in person 2 day class was canceled due to CoVid. Wow. The finished product which was me was the most beautiful person I have ever seen. Fabulous WOW. Afterwards I did a photo shoot of the new me and the photos turned out amazing. I definitely recommend doing this now and practice during the quarantine then go in person and let her transform you into a beautiful lady.
Andy B
Makeover with Beth I had an amazing first experience with Beth just before New Years. As a long-time M-to-F crossdresser who has never been in public, I was a bit nervous for the visit, but Beth made me feel right at home. She introduced me to butt and hip pads, gave me some solid feedback on my outfits and accessories, and of course did a fabulous job with my makeup. As I was in the makeup hot seat, she was very understanding of my preferred style and walked me through her color choices for foundation, eye shadow, and the like. As she was putting on the finishing lipstick touches, the anticipation of seeing the finished product was enhanced by feeling those heavy, pretty lashes on my face that I love so much. Once I looked in the mirror, I'm sure Beth could tell I was thrilled with the results as I gawked and posed in my makeup and heels. It was like a wave of femininity hit me and that lady-like feeling we all crave took charge. After figuring out the accessories, we headed to her elaborate photo studio where she took a ton of photos with all sorts of cute poses that turned out great. Quick word of advice: don't be nervous and just schedule an appointment. You will not regret it. I can't wait to go again for round two! Thank you Beth!
Covid-19 can't keep Beth down Had an amazing session today - got so much done, and so many good photos! This is my second time - and there will definitely be a third soon!
Nora S
Again and Again My First professional makeover was with Beth years ago and I still return to her when I need to look my best. From a professional photoshoot or a formal embassy event - Bethe makes me feel gorgeous and super-confident. Last night was a perfect example. In a fancy restaurant: women looked on with envy while their dates stealthily checked me out. Waiters competed to fill my water glass! I was treated like royalty - because I looked the part. Beth is an artist, counselor and friend for which I feel grateful and will return to again and again.
M & M
Amazed Elizabeth’s hospitality and skill is unmatched. My wife and I are still in awe hours later at our makeup. I have tried many times and failed to accomplish the makeup look that Elizabeth easily applied. I’ve dressed only a few times since starting crossdressing a few years ago and for the first time ever I completely love the way I look! I definitely recommend Elizabeth to all who want to reach their full potential dressing!
Brynn N
Amazing Experience!!! This is one of the greatest things I have ever done for myself. The only thing I regret was waiting so long to make an appointment. I have never felt pretty in my life, and Elizabeth was able to make that happen for me. If you are thinking about setting up an appointment, please do it for yourself. I promise you won't regret it.
Joe S
Beth is fabulous Beth offered me a detailed and caring makeover experience. She was very knowledgeable and offered valuable feedback based on my concerns and feedback. I highly recommend her service!
Do Yourself A Favor ... Go! I’ve been cross dressing for sometime, but never thought I have enough courage to go to a make up artist. I had seen Elizabeth’s online presence and considered it a few times, but always chickened out. Yesterday was different. I made the appointment, and went, and I’m so glad I did. I thought comfortable from the moment she met me at the door. She is the model of customer service. She took time to explain many things that I had questions vault. She had samples of just about everything. Shut up time to ask me what look I was looking for make up wise and then went into detail as far as what she wanted to do. I wasn’t expecting the counselor as well, but she’s really easy to talk to. I’m positive I’ll be going back, but I really wanted to appeal to those people who for whatever your reason, don’t go forward with having someone do your make up and give you some pointers. I know what that feels like, and now I know what it feels like to actually meet someone who meet you where you are. Thank you so much Elizabeth for making me feel special and for making me feel like I mattered and for doing such a great job with my make up.
Fabulous, Fresh, Fun a Fundamental Foundation for Realizing the She in Me Ms. Elizabeth Taylor is a caring, empathetic, knowledgeable teacher, artist and coach. If you are needing a little help to bring out their inner “she” to the fore. Beth is an artist who will build your confidence and help give you the courage to take steps into presenting your authentic you. Thank you Beth!
Sabrina B
Makeup Lesson Part 1 via Skype/Facetime--1 hr Recently I did the facetime make up lession..... I was very nervous but Beth did an amazing job answering my questions and hopefully heading me in the right direction of make up. I was so impressed with her I have booked 2 8 hour days in a couple of weeks to fulfill my desire to look lika a lady. Stayed tune for another review real soon. Nothing but 5 stars for Elizabeth Taylor Experience
Danielle Dang
Unforgettable Experience A wonderful experience. Definitely worth the travel and traffic of the DMV area. Make sure to plan for adequate time, time will fly before you know it. A quiet and discrete neighborhood. If it is your first time, it is all right to be nervous no matter what your orientation or what you identify as. Ms. Taylor is open-minded, patient, and understanding. She is very talented and will help you achieve the look you desire and customize to your preferences. No matter what body or face dimensions you have, she will work her magic and be the miracle worker. The session was a lot more than I expected. Not only fun but memorable experience. Especially with the photos, you will receive on a memory card if you do photos, you will look back on them and realize the person you were prior to coming to her studio was in the rearview mirror. Even when your transformation is not complete but in the intermediate phases. When the transformation is done and you see yourself in the mirror, you will be in wondrous awe and feel as though you just won a beauty pageant. Should definitely return whenever in the DMV area, might even move to the area someday. You truly are a gem. Thank you so much, Ms. Taylor.
Worth every penny I visited Beth in November of 2019 for the first makeover of my life!. Beth is awesome and made me feel very welcome . She is very very good at what she does. I hope to get another photoshoot after "Rona Season"
Fun and Intimate Total Makeover! I had an amazing appointment with Beth to start the new year. She is a very welcoming person, her studio and wardrobe are fantastically well put together, and her services are professionally delivered. The private nature of her location was also very pleasant. I came for a 4 hour Total Makeover and photo shoot which turned out to be a very pleasantly paced afternoon. Beth picked out and helped put on all the right things, and I ended up with a sexy waist and behind I didn’t know I had. My one regret was not having a better idea of specific things I wanted to do; makeup look, clothing types, and photo styles. Fortunately Beth helped fill in the gaps and I ended up in a gorgeous full length evening gown look that I never thought I could pull off. Her photography skills are great. I can’t say enough about all of Beth’s attention details. It was a lot of fun and very intimate. Can’t wait to come back again.
Great Experience I had a great experience with my makeover. I was nervously excited about my appointment, but after meeting Elizabeth and our initial talk my mind was put at ease. She is great at making you feel relax and valid. Another plus is that she helps find your correct womanly sizes and gives advice on where to shop. Time flew by and I can’t wait to be a repeat customer.
In Search of a Theme I sit here in my comfy chair just absolutely amazed at the photos Beth choreographed at my recent Total Makeover and Photo Shoot. Words fail to adequately describe the quality of the photos, her professionalism and the sheer enjoyment I experienced. I have previously tried other M2F Makeover/Photo Shoot studios and have always had an enjoyable, positive experience. These studios seem to have a strength in either makeup or photography, Beth exhibits expertise in both. Upon my arrival at her studio we exchanged pleasantries then I was given a tour of the studio. Let me just say that her website can not do justice to the quantity and variety of wardrobe and accessories she makes available to clients. Once the tour was completed we sat down to discuss the objectives of the shoot. I had a vague idea of a theme I wished to pursue and the clothes to match. Beth suggested a makeup style consistent with my theme and immediately put her expertise to work. She took time to explain what she was doing and why. Her makeup approach was perfect, try as I might, I will never be able to duplicate her exquisite work. As we moved to the Photo Shoot, Beth once again showed that this was not just another point and click engagement. She clearly had listened to me when I described my proposed theme and had refined it significantly. She suggested a series of photos that when viewed together would tell a story (hopefully we can get the photos posted to her website). She also provided numerous suggestions on body positioning which amplified my strengths while minimizing my weaknesses. There are so many other things about Beth that warrant mention, but I will just note her unbridled enthusiasm and knowledge of the M2F community. Suffice it to say I highly recommend Beth and look forward to another visit once I conjure up another theme.
Sara M
My First Makeover and Pics This was definitely an awesome experience. she is very professional and her studio is wonderful. I usually don’t like taking pictures because I really don’t like the way I smile, but Beth did a great job making me feel really relaxed and after just a few pics I was having a great time. I was also surprised how much I liked some of the pictures. I would highly recommend going to Elizabeth‘s and I’m just glad I got to experience this.
Probably one of the greatest things I've ever experienced I had a blast - from the moment I walked in the door, I felt welcome to be there, and Miss Elizabeth was so helpful and friendly! I'm definitely going to come back for more sessions in the future. Thank you so much!
Stunning transformation I had been experimenting with dressing as a woman for several years without any guidance and struggling to “pull things” together. After seeing Beth’s website, I made the plunge and decided to get some serious advice from a professional! I was a first timer at Beth’s studio, my emotions were very high, and I was nervous about what to expect; but Beth put me at ease very quickly with her kind demeanor and engaging personality. She clearly is a very dedicated professional and passionate about helping people. I was there for a 3-hour total makeover and photoshoot and I learnt more in that session about clothing, hair and make-up than I have over many years of trial and error. All I can say is that my transformation was quite stunning, I could not believe how much it was possible to change someone’s appearance. A truly amazing experience that far exceeded my expectations!
A Huge Step Accomplished I really want to let everyone know what a great person, makeup artist, lifestyle coach, support person Beth is. I recently visited Beth in her new studio for a day of makeup lessons as well as time for a shopping trip en femme. The day was a ‘customized’ day created with a few back and forth conversations that included lessons, wardrobe/sizing consultation and a shopping trip for makeup and other items as time allowed. I added a second visit the following morning for a critique and correction to the makeup application I performed the following morning. This was prior to a trip to the Smithsonian museums, and memorials and eventually a flight home to the Austin Area. Having recently loosing my supportive wife of 37 years, retiring and relocating to the Austin Texas area I find that I am a great number of cross roads in my life. Mary was supportive but had no desire for me to leave the house. Through all these changes I confided to Miranda my daughter about who I am. She was 100% supportive and wanted to go out and about with me. I am a previous client of Beth and I turned to her again for makeup lessons. I mentioned this to Miranda and she wanted to go with me for support. We flew in from Austin and arrived at Beth’s studio at our appointed time. After a few moments of chitchat and looking through items I brought with me I got dressed in a mix of my and Beth’s clothing for the lesson. We discussed the look I was going for and the image I wanted project. Beth reviewed my complexion, my late summer tan lines and color pallets that may work. Beth worked on the right side of my face going into great detail on brush used, the intent of the makeup application and technique. I then mirrored her work on the left. We went as slow as required for me to successfully apply each step of makeup. I found Beth to be more than patient and willing to work with me on areas where I struggled. The lesson with a complete set of instructions and listing of cosmetics along with the brushes needed for each area of the face. We then drove over to Tysons Corner Shops for our shopping trip. I was a bundle of nerves as we walking into Nordstroms. It was my first time out in a very public place. Both Beth and Miranda were support and before we crossed through the store my confidence jumped significantly. We purchased the cosmetics, making a couple pallet changed due to inventory issues and discontinuation of some shades. We then cruised the mall and hit the stores this plus sized girl needed to shop at. We went to Spanx and tried on and purchased a couple items. We also visited Soma for a bra fitting and I grabbed a couple of bras. I never realized how accepting shop staff were and how much easier it is to find clothing if you first try it on. We returned to the studio and I returned the few intimates I was wearing and in place put on my own. Then with a great suggestion from Beth Miranda and I went to Republic for a late dinner. Apparently Maryland requires carding in bars so when asked the waitress looked at the ID and said thank you ma’am. The next morning I applied my full makeup for the first time. Beth guessed it would take two hours and she was correct. After getting dressed we check out of our hotel and made our way to the studio. Beth was very supportive in her critique and let me know that any correction required was in the last 2% of technique and is not required for casual meetings of people. We spent about an hour going over the few items she spotted and the corrections were simple with a couple corrections being created when I cleaned up a couple mistakes earlier. We had time for a few photos and hugged and said our goodbyes. We were on our own for the day and return trip. We Ubered to one of the Smithsonian museums and stood on line for a few moments. The guard checking handbags handed my purse back and thanked me for attending with Ma’am. There was one middle school field trip in the museum and I was fretting getting called out but no one said anything. From there we walked the Mall to the Lincoln Memorial on a somewhat windy day. This caused me to continually mess with my wig. Miranda suggested I head to a wig store this week to get a scarf or something for windy days. We purchased a meal in the kiosk near the Lincoln Memorial and we were greeted with ladies by the cashier. After a leisurely meal we Ubered back to the studio, picked up the rental and drove to BWI. It was an hour earlier than planned but we were both tired. I checked my bag at the Southwest counter and again was called ma’am as I checked my bag. TSA was a real breeze for me as I am TSA Pre Check cleared; no body scanner for most in that line. The ID checker was nice. He never really looked at my face but thanked me as ma’am. Likewise for the waitress in the airport restaurant she was happy to serve us and always referred to us in female terms. I was always greeting as a female the rest of the day by the parking lot attendant and even the late night grocery store checker who saw me after 15 hours dressed en femme. I know many folks knew my secret through the day but I kept my calm and poise throughout and am ecstatic to know that I can leave the house with confidence. Sorry, this was long but I wanted to give a little color to my “Beth does great” review. I returned to Beth knowing that there are folks in the greater Austin area who perform similar functions. However, most locals only offer a small piece of Beth’s services so you would be in the hands of 2-4 people to get the experience I had in one day. Beth is truly supportive of the cross gendered population. She is active in helping us find our way in a maze of mixed emotion and complications. Thanks Beth Cammie
Michael L
2nd makeover Wow. Why do I always start shaking when Beth is done, and I go to see the results? Because I can't believe how good she makes me look. Michelle
Jessica R
Amazing Experience Wow! I arrived at Beth’s very nervous and very excited, and it was a wonderful day. Beth had me looking better than I imagined possible, explained the makeup process as she went, had a wide selection of shape wear, clothes, shoes, and wigs, and she’s an artist with a camera. Also very kind and calming. It was SO worth the trip from Nashville, and I’m looking forward to visiting again. Can’t recommend enough.
Lauren G
A wonderful experience After seeing Elizabeth's website for years online, I finally took the plunge and booked a session this past summer. Though I was nervous, she quickly put me at ease and started working her magic...she has a great wardrobe to choose from and her makeup skills are incredible! What really makes a makeover with Elizabeth better than any other is her photography skills. I'll cherish the moments I spent in Elizabeth's studio and I have beautiful professional photos to remember the experience. Thank you Elizabeth! Can't wait to schedule our next session together. Lauren
Fabulous I had by 3rd makeover with Beth this best weekend. I think it might have been my best yet. The makeovers and experience gets better with each one. We started on on picking a location to visit for my 2nd time out but first time in over 15 years. She had a beautiful Venus dress that was made for me. It fitted me perfectly. Beth did a great job on my makeup. We went with a purple smokey eye wich worked out perfectly with the dress. I just couldn't believe the results. Beth is amazing. The photos she took of me were beautiful. I can't wait to visit her again.
First Experience Aside from having been incredibly nervous for my first meeting with Beth, I was also extremely happy to be fulfilling a longtime fantasy. Beth immediately made me feel welcome and comfortable. Everything I was nervous about was forgotten within the first 5 minutes. I knew immediately I was dealing with a professional but also someone that was warm and compassionate. Beth clearly understood everything I was feeling and set me at ease. The session was everything I could have hoped for and I cannot wait to come back again soon to continue to explore my alter ego. I waited 30 years to finally indulge myself but had I known Beth sooner, I would have been a long time repeat customer. I will be back!
Incredible Experience I have been doing cross dressing for couple of decades. I have been going out on a regular basis without any confidence in sunglasses with heads turned in public places since I am not good with make up. I visited Beth last week for the first time at her Takoma Park Studio and was able to experience first handthe passionate artist in her. She was very caring and did not rush. We went over clothing, wig, etc and then she started her magic. Once the makeover was complete and I looked at the mirror, I could not recognize myself. She was able to successfully transform me into a sexy women. She undoubtedly explored the women in me. It was unforgettable experience. I was for the first time able to go to a local mall without any sunglasses because of the amazing eye make up she did for me. I did not want to remove either the outfit and makeup for the rest of the day. At the mall, I was looked upon as just another women and that experience was truly amazing. I would love to get makeover done by her time and time again. She is simply amazing.
Incredible work! I was a first timer who didn't have any experience with makeup. Liz was very accommodating every step of the way and really went the extra mile to make sure my experience was everything I dreamed of. She has a look and several options for every size and every one. I would recommend her in a heartbeat and hope to work with her again in the future.
Seveen Elva
You Never Forget Your First Time While on a recent business trip to the DC area, I Googled up crossdressing makeover sessions and found Makeovers with Elizabeth Taylor. Before visiting Ms. Taylor's studio, I had dressed up only a couple of times in my life as a female but had never gone full-on with makeup. As a full MTF makeover was a bucket list item for me, I made an appointment with her, and the results were astonishing. I'm an old guy, with no benefit from plastic surgery or hormones, but she transformed me into an attractive woman and took lots of fabulous pictures which I can't show anyone (sob!) at this time in my life. It was a wonderful experience, transforming me mentally as well as physically. I have to do this again, and some day I will show those pictures!
Incredible Experience! Elizabeth is friendly and warm, and is a superb artist. I had an amazing time and recommend that EVERYONE looking for a M2F makeover seek out Elizabeth!
A few of the best hours of my life.... This was my first ever makeover session and I arrived at Beth's studio with nervousness, excitement, and anticipation that were all a mile high. Beth's wonderfully calming personality quickly erased the nervousness and the few hours that followed far surpassed any and all expectations that I had in my mind. She is a master of her craft and she incredibly brought out the woman in me. Thank you so much, Beth, I can't wait until I can return for a second makeover!
Lovely Experience Every part of my makeover with Beth was lovely. She answered all of my questions with kindness and patience throughout every stage (before I booked, my nervous questions after I booked, and my questions during my makeover). She helped me select lovely outfits and the perfect wig. She is so easy to chat with. The time just flew by! Words can’t fully capture what I felt when I looked in the mirror after she had finished my makeover. I saw a beautiful woman looking back at me, and felt such joy & happiness. Before booking I was apprehensive about the photo shoot, I thought there was no way that I would do it. After seeing the amazing transformation that Beth had performed on me, I was excited to do the photo shoot. I cannot recommend her services enough! She is amazing!
Another wonderful afternoon I had my second great makeover from Madame Elizabeth this afternoon. She did amazing makeup work. Once dressed a little slutty came the real fun. I won't share those details, you'll just have book your own appointment to discover her talents. And everything is PG except her naughty mind and verbal skills. Love ya Madame ;)
Jackie G
Enjoyable first time I had a very nice and welcoming experience with Ms Taylor. She has a way of putting you at ease. The 3 hr session went way too fast. Jackie
Great experience Elizabeth was great in every way. She was patient, very supportive and super professional. She did a fantastic job on my makeover and my photoshoot made me feel like the model we all want to be. I went out afterwards and got tons of compliments on how I looked. Thanks. Look forward to doing it again. :)
Magnificent experience Let me first say that Elizabeth is very cool and that helps with the whole experience. She also is respectful of your privacy. If you ever have considered - and you should, getting a makeover this is a great place to do it. Elizabeth will capture your femme side the way you see it. I did a fantasy and outings. I was looking for a elegant sissy maid look and Elizabeth completely nailed that, the pictures prove it. Next time I'll try the slutty look and I would fully expect that to be awesome too. Going shopping and to a club wearing cute outfits was fun, I love those photos in my shopping and later a club outfit. I can't say enough about the wonderful experience and look forward to returning.
Excellent service Excellent service. I thought my face was impossible to feminize but she worked a miracle. A fun and pleasant experience.
Jamie H
Awesome experience! After about 40+ years of trying to make "Jamie" look her best I finally went to a professional and it was such a great experience! I showed up for a make-up lesson dressed but without makeup. As I walked to the door I was very nervous and probably checked the address 10X before walking to the door. Any apprehension dissolved within the first minute and I enjoyed the lesson tremendously. I left there as who I've always wanted to see but never had the skill to make real, I only wish I had planned for a follow on adventure. I completely recommend a visit no matter what your goal, she's extremely friendly and professional.
Dream Come True!!! I’ve been dressing secretly for years, but always wanted to be fully made up - and Beth made my dream come true! Beth put me ease, so I quickly overcame feeling nervous and was able to have FUN! OMG — Beth’s studio was FULL of cute outfits, shoes, jewelry, wigs - amazing! My favorite part was seeing how happy Beth was when she saw how happy I was. She truly cares about making you feel fabulous. I didn’t want to change back to my boy self and can’t wait to book another experience! Thank you, Beth! LOVED it!!!
Fabulous Makeover Last weekend I had my first visit to Elizabeth. I was nervous and uncomfortable. She did a great job putting me at ease and I was absolutely thrilled with my makeup. It was a great experience.
First Visit I recently had my first visit with Elizabeth. What an experience! Not only did I receive a terrific makeover, and an excellent photo shoot, but Elizabeth also introduced me to the trans lady community. I look forward to more visits in the future And fellowship with the community. Thanks Elizabeth
Janet J
Great Makeover With Elizabeth I recently had a makeover and photoshoot with Elizabeth Taylor at her beautiful home in Cabin John, MD. Elizabeth greeted me and welcomed me with a glass of wine. She has a room set up for the makeover, with a vast array of cosmetics, brushes, applicators and pro-quality lighting. Her photo studio is in the basement and it is a legitimate, pro-photography studio with canvas backdrop, more lighting than you can imagine and she uses a very high-definition camera with a synchronized flash to get the best possible results. There is a large assortment of outfits, shoes, jewelry and wigs in all sizes and Elizabeth has an artist's eye for making you look your best. She has a degree in photography and her high level of skill is obvious. The pictures that she took are some of the best ever taken of me. Elizabeth is very professional but is also a warm, kind and fun person to spend time with. I had a great time and hope to come back again soon.
Most wonderful time I've ever had in my life When I got to the door of Ms. Elizabeth's studio I was both excited and nervous for my life. I've never had the chance to let my inner femininity shine before and I didn't know what to expect. When I saw a warm smile and heard her welcoming voice, it calmed my nerves immediately, and what followed was hours of enjoyment, friendship, and a lot of makeup ;)
Rebecca Saint John
Absolutely fabulous! Let me start by saying thank you for having us into your home and enjoying a fantastic afternoon. When in with the expectation of learning how to better apply makeup to customize the look I wanted and felt that I walked out with a new friend. The makeover itself was perfect, enough input to guide you to the look you want, but still allowing you to gain the skills to take it home with you. I brought my best friend, we did the lesson together, yet had different goals. Even so Beth never missed a beat. We are both looking forward to our next visit. Thank you again and hope to see you soon.
Rachel P
Wonderful Mind Blowing Experience Elizabeth Taylor is so much more than she claims for herself. She is an artist who was able to see the woman in me and bring her to life. After our makeover experience I looked in the mirror and could not believe the transformation I saw before me. I must admit it was a bit disorienting, yet it made Rachel so very real to me. I look forward to exploring life as Rachel, and to enjoying more of Beth’s artistry. Thank you, Beth, for a wonderful beginning!
Jade M
Amazing! So hospitable and amazing at what she does.
Linda Anne
The most wonderful experience! Beth was absolutely amazing! I had heard great things about her and when I went to see her for the first time yesterday the experience better than I could ever have imagined! I went for a makeover and photo shoot. Beth instantly made me feel at ease within the first few minutes. We had wonderful girl chat the entire time which was so nice. Her makeup skills, and her photography skills, are wonderful. I was truly blown away by the transformation after she had me look in the mirror. I am still hurting from smiling so much! I could not be more pleased and am already looking forward to my next session! Beth not only transformed me outwardly, but also inwardly - it was so nice to have my inner self finally matching up to my outward self. Beth is the BEST!!!
Awesome time Went to Liz how femme she get me to and I am a very large woman so I was not expecting much but Liz was immediately able to get me to relax and I will tell you the results were incredible I never expected that I could look that good and pictures were great once again Liz works her magic and some very awesome pictures so I will this adventure a definite 11 on a scale of 1 to 10
Truly amazing Hi Had a three hour makeover with Elizabeth A truly lovely kind informative lady and on top of that the most amazing makeover of my life Elizabeth could not have done more to put me at my ease and to give me the experience I wanted Truly the best I have ever looked and felt Tank you so so much Love summer xx
Best possible resource if you are considering transition Beth was so helpful in bringing my female identity forth. She had ton of practical advice and was very mindful of my desires through the whole process. My only regret is that I did not hire Beth years ago!
Cissy W
Grand Experience I am not sure where to begin and can some up the experience in one word --- Wow! I am a relatively new crossdresser and want to come out a little further than the comfort of my home; or, at least see if it is even possible. I had a trip to the DC area and found Elizabeth on Google. A little investigating and I saw that she was the one I wanted to trust with a makeover and photo session. Elizabeth is a master. She put me at ease the minute I walked in the door. I became Cissy the minute the door closed. We discussed what I was looking for, picked out a few outfits, shoes and wigs. Briefly, I was looking for a somewhat conservative look with a few boudoir shots on top. We had a cup of coffee and the magic began. Before I knew it a totally new woman was looking me in the mirror. I was ecstatic. We took several dozen photos in three wigs and outfits. She helped remind me to pose well. Sadly, my time ended and I had to prep to leave. For those who have to leave in guy mode, she helps with a last look to make sure you cleaned off all makeup. I left underdressed and went back to my hotel. I learned several things that would have taken months by myself. Things like how to cross-shave to get an even closer shave, skin colors, complementary wig colors and styles and what makeup colors work best. Cissy also knows her sizes and has ordered proper breast forms and a new bra as well. I am anxiously looking for an excuse to attend another DC meeting so Cissy can be pampered once again. Happily, Cissy
Melinda S
Great Experience Thank you for a wonderful experience and thank you for being flexible and hope to see you again soon For another makeover.
Great experience!!! Loved my time with Elizabeth!! Really made me feel comfortable! Great makeup and photography! I have had a few makeovers across the country, but this is one of my favorites! I will definitely come back again! (I know I used a lot of exclamation points in my review, but I was really happy with my experience:)
Logan Ash
Makes you feel beautiful I used Beth for my first time out in cross and was very nervous prior to going out that night. By the time I had finished my appointment, I felt excited to go out into the world looking and feeling that way. Not only talented with the brush, Beth has a way with words and is a wonderful person that will take away whatever fears you have for whatever you have planned.
Margo C
My Makeover I had my second wonderful experience with Beth. She knows what I needed, made me beautiful and we played. Get great understanding and empathy with people makes you relax, bev pampered, and feel like you're the only one.
Jessica C
Soiree As always I really appreciate that magic you perform on me. You literally transform me to beautiful young lady. Everyone if you have not utilized Elizabeth Taylor’s Makeover service please do. She is very welcoming and professional. Thank you so much!! Hugs Jessica :):)
Ginny Smith
Such Wonderful Experiences! I've been to see Beth many times, dating back to when she was just beginning. Every visit was unique and truly wonderful! Beth will immediately put you at ease and will find a way to tailor any look you desire into a truly special and wonderful experience. You will look better than you ever imagined when you leave you will feel like you just spent an evening with a close friend.
The Best;)) From the first moment I contacted Madame Elizabeth about a sissy maid Makeover and Fantasy Experience I felt like it was going to be wonderful. Madame cheerfully and helpfully answered all my emails as I anxiously anticipated my makeover. On the big day, Madame soon had me in my sissy maid dress, ankle socks and Mary Janes. Then Madame did Her magic…… my makeup;) She was truly kind and friendly while performing the most wonderful, perfectly detailed makeover of my face. When it was done, Madame chose the perfect wig and pinned the maid cap on my head. When I saw myself I couldn’t believe that the pretty girl in the mirror was me, and voila I was really sissy maid lacysocks! The makeup brought out my blue eyes and I smiled excitedly. Madame then put me through my paces as Her maid as I oiled furniture, swept leaves, served a late lunch and arranged one of Her rooms, all the while showing off the pretty little maid Madame had transformed me into. Madame Elizabeth showed off the transformed me by doing terrific photography. Finally our day culminated with an outing at Freddie’s Beach Bar dressed in my short maid uniform, a new pair of frilly ankle socks Madame had got for me, my mary janes and of course wonderfully made up by Madame. It was a chilly night, and the cool air on my legs felt great as Madame proudly walked me up the street for all to see and into Freddie’s for all to see. After a nice dinner, Madame had me go up on the stage and took more photos and then some outside. When we returned to the studio, I did some more maid work. I will never forget this experience and I can’t wait to do it again! I owe it all to Madame Elizabeth's skill and loving attention!
What an experience! I needed to prove to myself that I can look pretty, and Elizabeth helped me achieve that! She exceeded my expectations and I look forward to my next visit. Thanks, Elizabeth!
Ms. Elizabeth Taylor is the REAL DEAL Saw Beth so that I could bring out the inner Kelly in me. Was nervous at first but that quickly subsided as Beth made me feel more that welcome. And made me look fabulous! Even went out for a bite to eat without feeling uneasy! If you want to bring out the inner you and have fun doing it, Beth is your fairy godmother!
Jess Jones
If you're waiting, you're doing it wrong. Your journey is your journey, but I hav to say that mine just got a rocket boost after my first makeover with Liz. OMG! She is a magician and works miracles. I learned more in a sinle visit than from all the "Research" and snooping around the internet on my own. If you're thinking about getting professional help in your transformative abilities and/or just a look at how beautiful you can be, stop thinking about it and book an appointment with Elizabeth Taylor. I did and it has changed my life! Thank you Liz for being the wonderful person you are.
Emotional rescue Beth Gave me an exceptional experience today. It all starts from her tone of acceptance and her fun attitude. Her professionalism is there from the stat. She understands that CD's and others don't have it easy and have poor man trained vision particularly about themselves and the way they look. She showed tremendous patience and willingness to work through all the issues that come up and does so with unfailing humor and sweetness. It was truly a memorable experience meeting with Beth She gave me a great taste of what feeling womanhood like a woman can be like. Her dress and make up skills are also exceptional as are her photographic abilities. She took some super photos of me in my new femme form that were truly remarkable. I cannot say enough positive things about Beth! Cannot wait to book my next appointment!
A great shopping companion I have never been shopping for myself at brick and mortar stores before. Elizabeth was willing to take my measurements and help me find some items from stores at the local mall that I really enjoyed. She was very professional the entire time. I am so glad to have met her and have her help! This first time experience for me was excellent, and I hope to be able to make use of her amazing services again in the future.
first, but not last visit I was very nervous as my visit with Beth was only my second ever outing as Cloé. I had been struggling with products and looks and finally decided I needed help. Beth was amazing, helping this crazy girl from Charlottesville to find a daytime look that could pass into evening if needed. We started with my mish-mash of products and were able to identify a few problems. At that point I had already decided that I could just trust her lead and WOW what a transformation. I've been practicing the techniques I learned and gratefully enjoying the products she recommended for me. Most of all, Beth made the visit more like hanging out with a girlfriend chatting and having fun. Beth went above and beyond to make my visit fun and exciting. I will be back for more.
Makeover Magic Once Again Why would I ever do my own makeup when I can have Beth do something new and fun each time I visit? This is especially true when presentation is critical and you need to impress. It is also just as true when your palette is lacking that certain something to go with that new dress. Not only will Beth show you just the right thing but she also offers the product she uses. I promise you that you will want this product in your tool kit once you see how she uses it. Besides, it is always just plain fun and the conversation is always enjoyable. Ask her (almost) anything and Beth will be happy to enlighten you! Do it. Just do it.
Outstanding Outing This was a wonderful day spent with Beth. She makes you feel welcome the moment you approach her studio. Beth is well educated and keeps the conversation interesting and light while doing your makeup. My makeup was outstanding - I was blown away when I looked in the mirror. Once fully dressed we were off to the mall like two girlfriends!. We concluded the day with a late lunch. Being with Beth makes going out so much easier - she treats you like a sister. I was fully relaxed thanks to Beth that I could enjoy the outing. I could not of asked for a better experience or a better host.
Wonderful Experience I just had my third ever makeover and first with Beth. What an amazing experience! Beth is a true professional and great fun! The makeup session was wonderful and the photography shoot was even better. Beth is very gifted and made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I highly recommend her and look forward to my next visit to her lovely new home in Maryland.
1st Makeover I'll just start out by saying that my recent appointment with Beth was amazing and wonderful and she pulled out of me a feminine side I didn't think I had. With many outfit and wig changes, we were both shocked of how cute and sexy I was. Can't wait to schedule another appointment with Beth. She's the best. Almost like she is an older sister when I was with her. Hehehehe ;)
Just Fabulous The short of it is Beth transformed what I thought could not be transformed. I looked and felt beautiful and I will be staring at the pictures for days! This was my first time "dressing" outside of my home and I needed to know what my possibilities were so I booked the 5 hour total makeover with photoshoot. Beth was wonderful in helping me to relax as we chatted about my goals, desires and some fun girl talk. If you are looking to come out and become socially active you will find no better mentor than Beth. If you are looking to refine your look you will find no better talent than Beth. We, the local natives, are very fortunate to have such a resource available to us. For those coming from out-of-town clear your calendar and be prepared for something spectacular. Finally, I am fortunate to have a participative significant other as part of my journey. She was amazed at the transformation and her words to me were to erase all doubt about my ability to blend.
the BEST!! My first experience with Beth was nothing short of fabulous! I had been contemplating making an appointment for a while, and finally bit the bullet and scheduled a total makeover. I was a bit nervous before going, but within a few minutes she made me feel like we'd known each other for a long time! The makeover experience was great. I was having so much fun getting transformed into Stacy, I couldn't believe myself when I looked in the mirror! Not only is she amazing with makeup, she helped me feel like a real model during the photo shoot! Beth's photography prowess is just as wonderful as her makeover abilities. Just hanging out with her was so much fun! I can't wait to go back to see what else we can come up with :-D
Ginny Smith
Beth's wonderful new site! I've just seen Beth again, this time at her wonderful new home in Maryland. She now has the space and facilities to use her many skills to have you become the woman of your dreams! I was so thrilled with the experience! You will not believe how beautiful she can make you in a totally safe and relaxed atmosphere. She has my highest recommendation!
Sheila S
Wonderful experience I've had my second appointment with Elizabeth and hope to have another one soon. She is truly phenomenal at what she does, both in her technical skills and in her empathy. Thank you so much, Elizabeth!
Makeup Lesson Was a Lot of Fun! I opted for the 3 hour lesson as my makeup skills were next to non-existent. It was exactly what I needed and as described. Beth did half my face and I did the other. Under her guidance I thought that I did pretty good but on occasion Beth needed to show me how to easily fix my mistakes. I brought my own brushes which Beth helped me to identify and she used their designation on the "cheat sheet" which will be of great help! Most importantly I got hands-on experience learning how to properly use beard concealer under liquid foundation. Probably the neatest trick that Beth showed me was how to make my lashes look much longer without having to resort to false lashes. All-in-all it was a wonderful 3 hours of hands-on training. I'm feeling much more confident now and that's what is all about. After I get some practice in with the basic look I plan on returning for advanced training.
Alex Forbes
Great time about town! Beth, Nora, Kimberly, and I had a great time in DC on February 7. Nora and I were photographed all over town by Beth, who not only showed skill with the camera, but was also patient and bold, pushing us to explore various photographic opportunities. We met Kimberly for dinner at a lovely restaurant after getting dolled up. What a great memory!
Laura adn Kim
Wonderful Makeover We had a wonderful makeover with Beth. She was very welcoming and made us feel comfortable. We loved how she did our makeup and will defiantly make another appointment when we are in the area. Really fun day!!!!
Another Fabulous Session and My First Outing Just 2 weeks after my first makeover with Beth she worked her magic again with another makeover. Afterwards we met up with 6 of the local ladies at a local LGBT club for dinner, drinks and a lot of fun. This was my very first public appearance en femme so imagine my nervousness if you will. Beth made me feel very comfortable and it went so well that I actually forgot that I was dressed en femme. Beth recorded the evening using her fantastic skills behind the lens so I have a ton of pics to commemorate the occasion. The other ladies made me feel very welcome and invited me back which I am definitely looking forward to. The moral of the story is that for you first timers you could do no better than Beth as a makeover artist, photographer, mentor and guide.
Party Makeover As part of my coming out I wanted to attend an organized event and as it was my first I wanted to look my best. It was therefore a no-brainer to have Beth do a makeover! I was wearing a blue dress and Beth (unbeknownst to me) exploited that by using a theme around blue eye shadow. Now, you must understand that this is a look that I've always loved on women (Beth did not know this) and when she was done my joy at having that look on myself made my confidence soar! I felt glamorous! She made my eyes pop! It was an amazing transformation that made me feel confident all night long (and well into the next morning too). Thank you again Ms.Taylor. You're wonderful!
Amanda Katzen
Wonderful I had a really wonderful experience living as a girl for the better part of a day. In the process I got to learn a lot about myself and make some new friends. Beth was fun, professional, accommodating and helped me feel very much at ease.
Makeover Was the best day made me feel feel like the woman I want to be. I will definitely be going back again
Stacie Heather Stevens
recent transformation I just visited Beth earlier this week for the third time. As always, it was an amazing experience that flies by way too quickly. Beth is a wonderful person, and I feel as though she is like a big sister. I still consider myself to be sort of a newbie at all of this, and Beth knows exactly what to suggest and how to guide me along. She has such a gentle and caring way about her, and has taken the time to get to know me. Together we have found a look that works for me, and I can't tell you all how thrilled I have been each time I have been to see her. This most recent time was the absolute best. I have been on such a high for days! I am on Flickr and I received an immediate and great response upon my posting the recent set of pictures. All of us girls love compliments and attention, and Beth knows exactly how to naturally elicit those responses! I can't wait to schedule my next makeover with her, so that we can make some more magic!
Stephanie Anne Jeffries
My daydream came true Elizabeth helped make a daydream come true! I'd been a customer of hers already, during my first professional shoot - and had wanted to return. Thinking-through the different outfits and themes I could suggest, I found myself daydreaming about one in particular: I wanted to be a bride! The small spark of suggestion quickly blossomed into a better experience than I could have imagined. Elizabeth had a dress which fit perfectly, with a veil to match. Her makeover was sprinkled with fun chit-chat, useful tips, and sage advice. And to boot, some newfound friends joined-in to be my bridesmaids! The wonderfulness of the concept became bigger than her Alexandria studio could hold, so she guided us out to a local park where we could shoot in the gentle summer shades of early evening - laughing and smiling and getting confidence-boosting compliments left and right! Elizabeth's photography skills are careful but in-the-moment, her makeup experience and guidance are magical, her closet and supplies are envy-worthy, and her support for girls like us - no matter your first or fortieth time out - is consistently encouraging. Will I be back? I'm already daydreaming of the next theme!
1st Makeover session I was a nervous mess when I arrived at the door, but I knew I was in great hands. As soon as I was dressed in one of my fav outfits, it was on!!! We laughed and chatted about everything while me makeover was being done. I starded out a bit shy, but was out of my shell in no time. This was the best time I've had dressing in a long time. The photo session was incredible. Can't wait to go back. XOXO Steph
!!!An Amazing Experience!!! I first visited Elizabeth in early 2014. I think it may have been in January or February. I was quite nervous then and i was a little bit this time as well because my female friend was going to see me as Roxane, too. I felt really comfortable though because Elizabeth has a natural ability to put people at ease and you feel like you are talking to an old friend. She is an incredibly talented make-up artist and in addition to that she is an fantastic photographer. All of my pictures look absolutely amazing;) My friend joined me for some of the shots too and we both look stunning in the pictures! I feel a lot more confident and comfortable now and i'm looking to start actually going out as Roxane:) Elizabeth made that possibilty a lot easier because she told me my sizes and wrote them down during the session. It was an such an incredibly wonderful experience and i can't wait to go back to see her for some tips with my makeup;)
Lois P.
Priceless I'ld been putting this off for too long, but when I finally contacted Beth for advice we immediately connected on so many different levels, but most of all as women. She is a consumate professional with an artistic eye for matching skin tone, makeup, hairstyle, and wardrobe to produce a look that was breathtaking natural to my feminine inner glow. Also, she is so fun to be with, and she is more than ready to share her knowledge and give honest advice, including valuable beauty tips, the experience for me was priceless.
Nancy Ann
An Amazing First Makeover I recently had the most wonderful experience with Beth. I arrived somewhat nervous and shy not knowing what to expect since I had not dressed in about 20 years. However, she immediately put me at ease. She suggested a wig that looked like the color of my hair when I was younger. Then she pulled out two beautiful dresses and shoes that were just so comfortable; I knew then I was in the hands of a very talented professional. We chit chatted like old girlfriends as she put on my makeup. When I put on my glasses and saw myself in the mirror, fully en femme, I was overwhelmed with shock and amazement. I could hardly believe that was me in the mirror. I looked so beautiful that I nearly cried, but I did not want to ruin my makeup and all of her hard work. She is an incredibly make-up artist and a fantastic photographer. Thank you Beth for a most enjoyable time and showing me a side that wanted to come out. I cannot wait until my next session. NAN
Robin R
Beth Gave Me a Dramatic Holiday Look For the December Holiday soiree I was looking for a dramatic look that would really showcase my eyes. She set up shop at the hotel and took appointments so we could go direct to the gala in the lobby. I can enthusiastically recommend her artistry and was thrilled with the glamorous look she gave me. 100% fantastic, and I will always turn my public face over to her for any social occasion! Happy Holidays! Robin
Monique L
Girls Night In Loved Beth's total girl night experience! From makeup and lingerie to just naughty girl talk, you'll have the femme time of your life with Beth. Can't wait to be her dishing gal pal again!
Skype session I had a wonderful Skype session with Elizabeth. She was very thorough and generous with her time, going over such important topics like makeup, clothing, work apparel for a position I am taking at a women's organization, local vendors catering to TG girls, etc. It was a very positive experience for me.
Just do it! If you're looking at this page (hello, wherever you are!) you must be considering making an appointment with Beth. Call her! Email her! Don't waste any more time setting up something you can't experience anywhere else. For me it was incredible- an afternoon with a wonderful lady and her incredible skills. Go! You deserve it. Love, Shannon Michelle.
Marcia Kratz
wonderful experience The total experience was just wonderful. Not only was my makeup done perfectly, but she gave helpful hints when I do my own makeup. She is very friendly, and the experience was wonderful
Valerie S
Make over with Elizabeth If you are CD curious or trying to get better with Make up, this is the place to go. She has a full studio with lots of clothes and wigs. She really enjoys this too so she makes it fun, not business like. There are others that try to do what she does but no one in the DC area can compare. Just a great time and lots of fun. She is also a professional photographer besides make up artist so you can't go wrong.
Stephanie N
Fantasy Feminization I met with Madame Elizabeth last week for a Fantasy Feminization. All I really can say it was everything and more than I expected. First up was getting me ready for the evening, she did my makeup as I sipped champagne and we chatted about our evening out. After that I got dressed in some leggings and a nice top and of course some sky high heels and then it was out to our first stop - the nail salon. When we arrived at the salon we were treated like royalty, we were seated next to each other as we both had our nails done. I left there with the most gorgeous set of long red acrylic nails. We went back to her studio and part 2 of our evening began. I tried some outfits on and finally settled on a very short and very tight miniskirt and a very sexy top. So I started to get dressed, the first thing was to put on my black thigh highs and pulling them up with those long red nails - it was pretty exciting. Finally I was all dressed standing in front of a mirror. My makeup was perfect with deep deep dark red lips, big boobs, tight miniskirt that barely covered anything, sexy top, jewelry and of course 6" heels - yep stripper heels. We were ready to go out, but not quite yet she had one more thing for me - a black collar, she put that on me and then she put the leash in her purse for later. We were on our way. The first stop was Ziegfelds to see the all nude male dancers. The first stop was the bar for cosmopolitans and then the leash came out. She pranced me around on my leash for all to see and I checked out every dancer - very closely. We were there for quite a while and we had a blast. The last stop was a casino, we gambled a bit and left it was getting very late. I may have left out a few details but the night was a total blast and I can't wait to go see Madame Elizabeth again.
Awesome experience! I had an exceptional day with Beth recently, her professionalism and knowledge of both photography and make up artistry made for an amazing experience for me. I learned more techniques from her in one setting than I have from anybody since I have entered into the TG lifestyle. Beth is awesome and I can’t wait for my next visit to her studio. Naughtia
Vivien Angelus
First makeover a great experience Elizabeth did my first-ever complete makeover, and it was just a wonderful experience. I was nervous going in, but those nerves settled down as we went through the makeover process. When I finally saw myself in the mirror, fully en femme, it was a revelation and I couldn't have been happier. In fact, as I told Elizabeth, I would've cried right there on the spot if I hadn't been concerned about ruining my makeup! Elizabeth, the makeover and your enthusiastic and kind treatment meant more to me than you can know. Thanks a million! VA
Five Star Session with Beth! I had a full make-over and photo shoot with Beth yesterday, and it was magnificent. Her expert hands brought out some inner beauty that only she could have coaxed! FRom the deep mysterious eyes that sh conjured to the perfect skin tones and blush to the outrageous ruby-red lips, she made me feel relaxed, comfortable and excited at the transformation. Personable, professional and wonderful is the only way to describe the experience. I would never trust myself to anyone else- a magnificent experience. And girls, remember, none of us are getting any younger! Five Stars- and I will be back! Robin
My second time, and it was wonderful! I am JaneL, at least when ever I can squeeze in the time. I lucked out and scored some girly time on this Friday and decided I wanted to go all out and enjoy another Makeover by Elizabeth Taylor, AKA Beth. Beth is an incredible woman, she put you at easy the minute you walk in the door. We chatted about outfits, the look I was interested in makeup-wise and other little things here and there. Beth takes great pride in her work and makes you look the best you can, and you leave with the photos to prove it! I highly recommend anyone looking for a makeover to go straight to Beth, you will not be disappointed! Huggs, Janel
Valerie S
make up with Elizabeth I had the good fortune to to meet Miss Elizabeth for a make over. I was a lng time CD and she really helped me find the right look and taught me hot to put on make up that made a huge difference in my appearance. Virtually passable, has given me the confidence to go out in public Thanks Elizabeth
Lilly B
Awesome! I just did my total makeover today with Beth, and I cannot put in words how incredible the experience was. She makes things look so familiar that it made me feel for the first time I was actually normal in my feminine gender. It was a memorable experience I recommend to all of you still "thinking"... Don't waste your time like me, and stop thinking. I took way too long to do this, and I wish I had experienced a dream day seven or eight years ago when I first read about Beth's work. If you dream about being feminine, beautiful, indulged, and pampered into what you deserve, just go ahead and spend some time doing a full transformation. She will make you feel like you are the focus of her attention and help you explore the pink world. It will change your mind and perspective of who you are and what you could become. You will be prettier and will love what you see about yourself. It is worth every minute!